Secure Your Legacy

Facilitating the retirement of active business owners in essential industries.

About our company

The acquisition group for businesses with a reputation

The investors at Lionsglaive Holdings specialize in leveraged buyouts of small to medium sized businesses, focusing on preserving the legacy previous owners worked so hard to build while giving them a chance to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor

Industries of


Here at Lionsglaive, we have extensive industry experience in expertise primarily in the following sectors. We are industry agnostic, however, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you don’t fall into one of these industries.

Industrial Manufacturing

Recession-proof and essential components need to be made somewhere, why not with us? These businesses are a critical part of many industries and fit well as bolt-on's to our current portfolio

Engineering and Technology Infrastructure

The foundation of innovation and the society of the future. We want to do our part to maintain and grow the groundwork on which modern life is built.

Accountant Firms

Essential to any business, we are looking to add accountancies to our holding portfolio as we grow and scale

Home Healthcare & Assisted Living Facilities

We want to help give the elderly in our communities the care that they deserve in their twilight years, and are looking to expand into medical services

Dental Practices

With over 40 years of collective experience in the family, we are very interested to consolidate within the dental industry

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